experiment apparatus

Existing laboratory:

At present, there are sensing and measurement laboratories, automated factories, microprocessor laboratories, precision control laboratories, micro-nano grinding laboratories, high-speed cutting laboratories, and non-traditional processing laboratories for central planning execution. , technology development and education and training. In 1992, the Science and Technology Building was completed, and the first to second floors were planned as the center’s exclusive experimental space.

Existing experimental equipment:

  • atomic force microscope
  • STM
  • Laser interferometer
  • Signal processor
  • Automatic sight
  • Electronic level
  • Multifaceted frog mirror
  • Elmo Motor Motion Monitor and Interface Control Card
  • Triangular laser
  • Capacitive Displacement Meter Processor Dspace – Control System Software & Hardware…etc.
Valuable equipment list
purchase time equipment name Type label
106.12.31 Robot arm and its peripheral system – 2 Six-axis articulated robot arm, loading and unloading jig, three CNC tool machine integrated control system
106.12.31 Localized milling machine processing system main equipment QP1620-L
106.12.31 Domestic five-axis milling machine and its peripheral system U-600P
106.12.31 Localized lathe processing system main equipment The X-axis travel is at least 210 mm.
The Z axis travel is at least 320 mm.
105.08.31 5-axis CNC machining machine and its peripheral equipment Robotic arm
101.11.22 General purpose shovel special machine and its peripheral equipment  
99.08.17 Nano-precision displacement platform adjustment system High-precision electronic level measuring system with high-precision long-distance horizontal and vertical calibration
99.08.01 Photonic crystal transfer device alignment module Single-axis feed platform transparent mold / visual alignment system / image processing module
98.12.29 Shovel with laser measuring device Laser light source / servo motor with power supply / adjustable focal length / polarized light splitter
97.12.30 Five-axis machining machine Spindle oil cooling system chip area ringing system / warning light / five-axis controller
97.05.12 Dual-frequency laser interferometer Laser head cable / calibration card and software laser head stand / linear measuring mirror group
94.12.23 Laser exposure head integration equipment Exposure head/light source
94.12.23 Heat distribution detection system Including detector / screen
93.12.24 Automatic sight Two-axis angle multi-degree of freedom
93.12.24 Optical properties and optical component measurement system With analog / operating software
93.12.24 Multi-axis nanometer measurement system Power supply with optical scale, mirror, detector, laser head
93.12.23 Nano-level micro-motion platform and peripheral equipment Piezoelectric actuator, laser head and light tag coupling box
93.11.05 High-speed vertical CNC machining machine Z-axis travel 450mm (including above) controller
92.12.30 Three-axis and five-axis micro-motion platform system With axis control card, ball lead screw, filter device
92.12.29 Precision optical measurement system Sensor, mirror, optical table, tripod
92.12.29 Laser interferometer Double-shot pulse, the source uses He-Ne laser
92.12.25 Non-contact dynamic characteristic measurement system Speed sensor measurement up to 400mm / s or more
91.12.26 atomic force microscope GF3-910220
91.12.19 Laser interferometer A set of related lens sets including a laser head, a linear measuring mirror set, and a 2-axis synchronous remote control


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