National Formosa University of Science and Technology Laser R-Test Five-axis machine tool detection and calibration technology success and Japanese academic Instagrammable

In order to actively integrate with the international community and promote the technology research and development energy in the special field of the school, the principal of the school, Mr. Jue Wenyu, has arranged for the Laser R-Test five-axis machine tool detection and correction technology to cooperate in the academic and industrial circles in Japan since the beginning of 2017. The Japanese academic community includes Japan University of Agriculture and Technology, Hiroshima University, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Japanese machine tool industry including MAKINO, MAZAK, DMG MORI and OKUMA have been well received for testing, evaluation, presentation and discussion.

Figures 1

Figures 2

Figures 3

Figures 1, 2, and 3, our colleagues went to Hiroshima University in Japan for Laser R-Test teaching.

Figures 4

Figures 5

Figures 4 and 5, Precision Engineering Committee The research on the spatial precision correction technology of the five-axis working machine was held at Kobe University.

Figures 6

Figure 6. Member of the Precision Engineering Committee, Soichi Ibaraki, introduced the school’s Laser R-Test.

In the second quarter of this year (2018), the school will discuss the joint research of Laser R-Test five-axis machine tool inspection and calibration equipment with Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Hiroshima University to enhance the error analysis capability of Laser R-Test in the turning and milling machine. .

Figures 7

Figures 8

Figures 7 and 8, the Japanese ISO sponsor Masaomi Tsutsumi introduced the school’s Laser R-Test to the Japanese industry.

Figures 9

Figures 10

Figures 9 and 10, Japanese industry companies are very interested in the school Laser R-Test.

Hiroshima University’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering Professor Soichi Ibaraki (currently the Japanese ISO specification sponsor) is more interested in integrating its error analysis software with the school’s Laser R-Test for software and hardware research and development.


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