National Formosa University of Science and Technology Laser R-Test Five-axis machine tool detection and calibration technology success and Japanese academic Instagrammable

In order to actively integrate with the international community and promote the technology research and development energy in the special field of the school, the principal of the school, Mr. Jue Wenyu, has arranged for the Laser R-Test five-axis machine tool detection and correction technology to cooperate in the academic and industrial circles in Japan since the beginning of 2017. The Japanese academic community includes Japan University of Agriculture and Technology, Hiroshima University, The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Japanese machine tool industry including MAKINO, MAZAK, DMG MORI and OKUMA have been well received for testing, evaluation, presentation and discussion.


In recent years, he has been awarded the 105-year Japanese Public Welfare Foundation, the Working Machinery Technology Promotion Foundation, the Revitalization of Work Machinery Technology – Thesis Award, the 105th Taiwan Machinery Industry Association, the Machinery Industry Industry and Education Contribution Award, the 103-year Ministry of Science and Technology Outstanding Research Award, and the two Ministry of Economics National Inventions. Prizes for the medals (102 years, 93 years), two awards for technology transfer from the Ministry of Science and Technology (102 years, 97 years), the National Industrial Innovation Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the past 101 years, the university industry deep cultivation award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1998, and the outstanding achievements of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1996 The Industry-University Cooperation Award and the 95-year Outstanding Engineering Professor of the Chinese Society of Engineers have won awards.